Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is a peer-reviewed, international, open-access journal publishing articles on all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology publishes authoritative reviews, original full research articles, short communications by experts, scientists and engineers from many different subjects, such as applied physics, device physics, materials science, interface and colloid science, chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, self-replicating machines and robotics, biology, biological engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Topics included in this journal are the broad scope multidisciplinary nature of nano science and nanotechnology. It covers the understanding of the fundamental physics, biology, chemistry and technology of nanometre-scale objects and its applications in the areas of computation, sensors, nanoelectronics, nanostructured materials, nanosciences and nano-biotechnology

Innovative applications and material, new developments that brings together diverse areas of Nanotechnology are particularly welcome.

Subject categories include:
Applications of Nanotechnology
Biomedical Engineering and Applications
Carbon based Nanomaterials and Devices
Energy Systems
Environment, Health and Safety Issues
Materials science and Engineering
Molecular Mimics
Molecular Nanotechnology
Nano Chemistry
Nano Computational Modelling
Nano Materials Synthesis and Characterisation
Nano Medicine and Nano Biotechnology
Nano Science and Technology
Nano Systems and their Design
Nanodevices and Nanosensors
Nanotech for Energy and Environment
Nanotechnology and Cosmetics
Nanotechnology Applications: Medicine, Electronics, Food, Fuel, Solar Cells, Batteries, Space, Better Air Quality, Chemical Sensors, Sporting Goods, Fabric
Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy
Nanotechnology for Security and defense
Nanotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry
Nanotechnology in Automotive Industries
Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
Nanotechnology Safety
Recent Trends in Nanotechnology