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International Journal of Cancer Research & Therapy is an open access peer-reviewed journal publishes latest findings and research in cancer. The Journal is concerned with basic, translational and clinical research, across different disciplines and areas, enhancing insight in understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The journal encourages submission of manuscripts with relevance to basic and preclinical cancer research (but not limited to) Colorectal cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Cancer genetics, Genitourinary cancer, Cancer pathology, Clinical aspects of Breast cancer, Cancer cytology, Cancer endocrinology, Gynecologic cancer, Ovarian cancer, Bone cancer and other cancer-related research. International Journal of Cancer Research & Therapy also publishes educational supplements on various topics that are of interest to a broad oncology audiences.

Authors can submit Manuscripts as Original Articles, Rapid and Short Communications, or Reviews, Mini-review, Case Reports, Opinion, Letters to the Editor and Editorials, etc. related to Cancer research and therapy and provides free online access to the researchers worldwide.

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Subject categories include:
Cancer Nanotechnology
Cancer Nursing
Cancer Pharmacology
Cancer Stem Cell Therapy
Cancer Symptom Management
Cancer Theranostics
Cancer Therapy and Clinical Cancer Research
Cancer Vaccines
Cancer: Basic Science and Clinical Aspects
Cellular Pathology
Childhood cancer
Cellular Pathology
Childhood cancer
Clinical Oncology
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Gynecological Cancer
Molecular Biology of Cancer
Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapeutics
Organ-Specific Cancer
Pediatric Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Stem Cells and Cancer
Surgical Oncology